Socorex Automatic Pipettes and Dispencers

  • High quality
  • %100 Swiss made


  • Acura® manual              
  • Acura® electro
  • Acura® capillar
  • Calibra® digital
  • Calibrex

General Specifications:

  1. Acura® manuel

Light and smooth use

Ergonomic Design

Resistance to Shock and UV Lights

CE certification IVD 98/79 EEC

Full autoclavable at 121 degree 

Compatible with Universal tips

IVD (In Vitro Diagnostic)

QC certification

High Quality and sensivity


2.  Acura® electro


Optimum Ergonomy

Easy program menu

Wide screen

Quick chargable

Compatible with mant pipette tips

0.1µL-10ml volume range





3.  Acura® capillar

For Viscose liquids,foaming solutions,volatile solvents

1-5µL,5-25µL,10-50µL,60-100µL,100-200µL volume ranges

Smooth design for finger comfort

Safe,step by step adjustment

Colour coded

Stainless Steel



4.  Calibra Dijital 


Subsequent volume adjustment

Unique calibration stabilty

Resistant to shock-heat-Chemical-UV light

Full autoclavable at 121 degree 




5.  Calibrex bottle Dispencers

Advanced Chemical Resistance

Everlasting performanceUzun süreli performans


Subsequent volume adjustment

Full autoclavable at 121 degree 






Available pipettes;

Micro(0,1-2 µL,0,5-10 µL,1-10 µL,5-50 µL,10-100 µL,20-200 µL,


Macro (0,5-5ml ve 1-10ml)